John L. Coulton


As a life member of the NRA and a lifelong hunter, fishermen, and gun enthusiast I believe I have a responsibility to share my experience and enthusiasm for the shooting sports with others. I spent many long hours in the classroom getting certified as an NRA instructor in Rifle; Pistol; Shotgun; Muzzle loading rifle; pistol; and shotgun, as well as Personal Protection, Home firearms safety, and Metallic cartridge reloading.

I have been a Texas Concealed Handgun instructor since the programs conception and have taught and qualified thousands of students. I strongly believe in the value of getting proper education from the most qualified instructors available. We all have been given unsolicited advice from ‘so called’ firearms professionals, friends and family, the guy behind the counter at the gun store, and the movie makers in Hollywood.
Personal protection with a firearm is serious business and should only be undertaken with a full understanding of the laws governing the use of force and deadly force.

My goal is to provide my students with the finest education available and a good common sense approach to making the necessary decisions that come with the choice to take your personal protection and that of your family seriously.

I also teach PRIVATE LESSONS in the basics of using a rifle, pistol, or shotgun. These lessons consist of a one hour session in the classroom and a one hour session on the range. The classroom session involves learning how the firearm works, reviewing the safety rules involving the use of firearms, and talking about ammunition and the basics of marksmanship. The range session provides hands on experience. For more information, feel free to contact me at the phone or email address above.