Shooting Proficiency Test

Range fees apply

The shooting proficiency consists of fifty rounds of live fire on a B27 full size silhouette target with five points being awarded for any round within the X; ten; nine; or eight ring, four points for shots in the seven ring, and three points for any shot in the remaining portion of the target. To pass the student must score one hundred and seventy five points out of a possible two hundred and fifty. Twenty rounds must be fired at three yards with one second being allowed per round, twenty rounds must be fired at seven yards with two seconds being allowed per round, and the last ten rounds must be fired at fifteen yards with three seconds per round being allowed. As of September 1 2013 Texas law no longer distinguishes between a revolver and a semi-automatic handgun therefore you can qualify with either one.


If you are not completely familiar with your hangun or do not believe you can pass the proficiency test, we strongly recommend private lessons before taking the class. We do provide private lessons at a very reasonable rate. See our BIOS for more information.


If you are unable to make it to the proficiency on that day or feel you would be more comfortable taking it one on one with me at another time just let me know during the class.