License to Carry

Our goal is to provide the finest education available - with a common-sense approach to making decisions when protecting yourself and your loved ones. You will not find a more qualified instructor anywhere in Texas.

Step 1

The State of Texas requires all applicants for a License To Carry (LTC) to take a 4-6 hour class.

This course includes:

  • laws relating to the use of force and deadly force

  • handgun use and safety

  • non-violent dispute resolution

  • proper storage practices for handguns

These requirements can be fulfilled in an online course (cost: $49.99) or in a class with a qualified instructor.

(We do not have any classroom sessions scheduled at this time. Special arrangements available upon request.)

Step 2

After completing the online class, students are required to take an additional 1-2 hours of range training and a shooting proficiency. Please contact us to schedule the training and proficiency.

Cost: $50 per person (range fees not included)

Step 3

Apply for your LTC at the State of Texas License To Carry website.

Note: You can apply for your LTC before taking the required class and proficiency, but your application will not be processed until they receive the classroom completion forms.

Protect Your Rights

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Founded by lawyers who are also Texas License to Carry instructors, Texas Lawshield offers several programs for individuals with and without LTC permits. At a cost of only $10.95 a month, all of your legal fees are covered for as long as you stay in the program.

Lawyers that specialize in self-defense law may charge $800 - $1000 / hr. An unfortunate incident could cost thousands of dollars in legal fees - and/or many years of incarceration. You can't afford not to have the best lawyers available in your corner.

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Private Lessons

Private lessons are also available for the basics of using a rifle, pistol, or shotgun. Lessons are approximately 2 hours (1 hour in a classroom, plus 1 hour on the range gaining hands-on experience).

In the classroom, we'll cover the following:

  • learning how the firearm works

  • review safety rules involving the use of firearms

  • ammunition and the basics of marksmanship

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact John Coulton by phone or email (listed below).


John Coulton has been a Texas Concealed Carry / License to Carry instructor since the program's inception, teaching and qualifying thousands of students to date. As an avid hunter and gun enthusiast, he enjoys sharing his decades of experience and enthusiasm for the sport of shooting with others.

Personal protection with a firearm should be undertaken with a full understanding of the laws governing the use of force and deadly force. Therefore, we believe a proper education can only be delivered by the most qualified instructors available. John Coulton is a certified NRA instructor for rifles, pistol, shotguns - and, most importantly, personal protection and home firearms safety.

For appointments or questions, please contact John Coulton via phone or email:

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